Do You Need To Train Abs?

Abs are like any other muscle group - they shouldn’t be neglected if you want total control over the way your body looks. BUT training them won’t do what most people THINK it’ll do - that is to say if you’re too fat to see your abs then just doing abs more won’t make them show any better. It’s not that your abs aren’t developed enough - it’s that you’re too fat.
The abs are a funny muscle group because what most people want is just for them to SHOW THROUGH THE SKIN, not necessarily for them to be large and developed. This is very different to other muscle groups where people’s goals are much more aligned with needing the muscle to GROW rather than just show.
The fact is you have abs there (wether it seems like it or not 😂) and if you get lean enough they’ll show through - making sure they are reasonably developed will help push them through the skin so it’s worth including them in your training as you start to get leaner but if you’ve got some fat to lose then it becomes a matter of bang for buck - should you spend time doing a set of abs OR would you better off doing a set of a much more metabolically demanding compound movement OR a heavy demanding set on a muscle group which you need to grow? 🤨

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