Drop Body Fat Correctly

🔥How To Drop Body Fat Correctly🔥
Losing body fat doesn’t have to be hard. Yet so many people make it complicated.
If you want to get the best result when cutting (whether it be for s show or just to reduce body fat) avoid making these typical mistakes.
You’ll maintain the most muscle and get the best results 😉 .
✅ Not giving it enough time
Fat loss is not linear. It’s unlikely to lose 0.5kg every week consistently like most people plan to.. and the leaner someone gets the more things will slow down. This is where competitors muck things up. When getting down to very very low body fat levels those last 2-3kg take longer than most think. This is often the difference between an average competitor and one that gets a first call out on stage. .
✅ Dropping protein too low
Maintaining lean mass is essential for a successful cutting phase. To do that you want to make sure you’re getting an adequate amount of protein. Keep your protein between 1.8-2.5g per kg of bodyweight. .
✅ Dropping total calories too low
Don’t create a huge calorie deficit straight off the bat. Calculate your maintenance calories then take a small portion away to create a deficit. Keep your calories as high as possible while still achieving your desired rate of fat loss. This is also important for adherence too. If you create too big of a deficit you most likely won’t stick to it for long. You’ll also maintain more lean mass 💪🏼 .
✅ Not being consistent
Consistency is the major key to getting down to low levels of body fat. If you are off eating untracked donuts and pancakes for brunch all weekend don’t expect much in the way of results. .
✅ Not being patient
It takes time! Don’t expect to drop 10kg in a week and don’t get upset and make wild calorie drops if you drop nothing over a week. .
✅ Not using diet breaks
As you get deeper into a cut TDEE (Total daily energy expenditure) starts to drop and your hunger levels increase. Use both shorter (3-4 days) and longer (7+ days) diet breaks to undo some of the adaptation that has occurred.

Implement these tips next time you want to lose body fat and you’ll have a much easier time 😇

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