Dropping Calories Or Adding Cardio?

When you need to create or widen your energy deficit to keep fat loss rolling people are usually faced with the option of either dropping cals OR adding in cardio. Both are really useful, you need to use what works better for you in that moment.
If your calories are still comfortably high OR they’re uncontrolled then just throwing more cardio at your body might be a much harder option than just looking at your cals and reducing them a little. Driving your body into the ground with over the top workload because your calories are unnecessarily high isn’t the optimal way to do things.
On the flip side - if your cals are already approaching rock bottom it might be a dumb idea to drive them even lower, especially if it means your performance and recovery in weight training sessions suffers. For this reason cardio might be the way to go. In experience some people (especially bigger dudes) can lose fullness in their muscles really easily if their carbs drop too low - so if that’s a concern through the current phase then it might be a good idea to add in some sessions on the stepper through the week instead of taking away cals.
Like always, the key here is to track and note what happens to your body. Drop cals and see how you respond. Next time you need a bigger deficit add some cardio and see how you respond. You’ll start to get a feel for what works better for you pretty soon.

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