Harsh Reality Of Falling Off The Wagon

The Harsh Reality Of Falling Off The Wagon You Need To Hear.
Well sorry to be blunt but it means you just don’t care about those results at least not enough to get them. It happens to all of us at some stage or another it’s inevitable. But realising why it’s happening can at least reduce the frequency and also the duration of coming off.
Basically when you fall of the wagon you are telling yourself that those goals are no longer important or you don’t care about them enough or they’re not as important as what you’ve chosen over them. Now that can piss people off because they don’t like hearing that and get all defensive around it, but there’s nothing wrong with admitting that something else is more important right now.
If a doctor says if you don’t get your shit together you’re going to die in 30 days (sorry to be morbid) well that’s a pretty good reason to stay on track and I bet you’re gonna be pretty bloody motivated to work your ass off for the next 30 days.
For most of you who can’t stick to something, only last a few days maybe a week well you need to admit to yourself that your goals just aren’t that important to you (nothing wrong with that)... or you need to find a more important goal, something that makes you to stay on the wagon because it’s far more important then falling off.

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