How To Bulk Correctly

The Bulk or Mass phase is something I see being done completely wrong all the time!
Let’s go over some of the mistakes most people make when bulking. -
❌ Not Bulking For Long Enough
It takes a long time to build significant muscle naturally (especially if you are at an intermediate or advanced level). You’re not going to build enough muscle to make much of a difference in 12 weeks. Unlike cutting which you can do quite quickly bulking takes longer. Give your self 6-18 months to build significant muscle. -
❌Getting Too Fat When Bulking
The goal is to build muscle not fat! So why do I always see people with more fat than muscle at the end of a Bulk..?
The fatter you get the more muscle you will lose when it comes time to cut because you’ll have to cut for longer.
This in conjunction with the first point can lead to you having less muscle than before the Bulk. If you Bulk for only 12 weeks but gain a load of fat and no real significant muscle due to such a short mass phase. Dieting off all the fat may mean you have less muscle than when you started. -
❌ You Need To Eat Big To Get Big
No you don’t! You don’t need to eat a crazy surplus of calories to Bulk successfully. A small calorie surplus is all you need.
You should be aiming to gain weight slowly and consistently.
Here is how much you should be aiming to gain per MONTH!
Beginners - 1-1.5% of bodyweight
Intermediate - 0.5-1% of bodyweight
Advanced - Up to 0.5% of bodyweight -
❌Get Lean Before Starting A Mass Phase
Don’t start a bulking phase unless you are relatively lean;
10-15% for males or 16-26% for females. -
Hope this helps ✌🏼 -

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