Should You Count Calories?

The short answer is yes, you always will be. So if you don’t like reading you can tune out now and go start tracking.
Every now and then you hear someone say “I don’t count calories” but they will still be working towards some sort of goal. And that’s all good and well for them, but for the beginners out there this can be a little misleading.
Yes you can transition to not formally “counting calories”, but you need to spend a substantial amount of time (years in my opinion) tracking a variety of foods until you have a very clear understanding of food, the macros in them, how many calories they contain and how many calories & macros you need to consume on a daily basis for the result you want.
So basically if you can look at a plate of food and pretty accurately add up in your head the calories & macros of that plate, then do that over a entire day, entire week and still get a result. Well guess what, you are still counting calories you just aren’t entering them into an app.

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