Think Positively After Dropping “I Am”

Whether you realise it or not the words coming out of your mouth on a daily basis are shaping your results to come. And I’m gonna let you in on a secret so you can catch yourself in the act. The two words you want to look out for are.
“I am”
Once you drop those two little words you’re deciding what’s to come for you. We all know those people who love to tell you how hard things are for them. I am to busy, I am to tired, I am not good enough, I am to shy, I am to fat, I am to skinny, I am getting no where, I am this I am that.. you’re confirming all these things and sending out invitations to your pity party 🥳 .
Change the way you talk about yourself and you will change yourself, I am strong, I am going to the gym, I am happy, I am beautiful, I am getting results, I am working hard, I am sleeping better, I am going for a walk. Even if you don’t believe these things at first by starting to think positively after dropping “I am” you will in turn start to believe these things and they will become true.

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