A lot of you are guilty of living in the 8-12+ rep range, and when I say guilty of it I mean you’ve been doing it for 6 months plus. The very idea of dropping below 6 reps is unheard of for you, I mean why would you when you can get a sick pump of 8 reps right?
It’s important to bring change to your training and across a year work through a variety of rep ranges for a period of time to develop your physique. Going through proper intensification phases will allow you to greater improve your strength, which will then carry over allowing you to use heavier loads through your accumulation phases.
The longer you’ve been clinging to hypertrophy the longer I would spend working on some intensification phases and stringing a few of them together! Working in a 6-8 rep range is a good place to start if you are a beginner and for intermediate start with a 4-6 rep range focussing on progressive overload week to week.

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