Bodybuilding Is A Team Sport

Bodybuilding is as much a team sport as any. You see an athlete on stage posing under the lights trying to win... but what you don’t see is the coach, the gyms, the tanners, the hair & make up artists, the bikini makers, the posing coaches, the support crew (for when you go a tad crazy 🤪) and of course the friends and family who come on the day (well if you’ve got a rowdy bunch you may see them).
You also don’t see back stage where everyone comes together. Sure you’re all about to line up, compete against one another and one of you is going to walk away a winner, but bodybuilding has this special moment back stage where there’s a universal understanding between everyone of what you’ve all been through, how hard each of you have worked just to get there and a appreciation for being there on the day.
Throughout a prep you’ll see competitors who will face off against each other come together, help get one another through their prep, they’ll train together, they’ll make sure their buddy gets their cardio done. Keeps them in line when things go to shit. At that point no ones thinking about a placing.
Come show day you all step out there together and leave it in the hands of the judges.

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