How To Flexible Diet Correctly

Flexible dieting is where you follow a calorie and macro breakdown of a day and fill it with what ever foods you like, provided at the end of the day you meet both your calorie quota and the foods you’ve chosen add up to meet your protein, fats and carb quota also. Eg eat 2500 calories a day made up of 200g Protein, 100g Fat and 200g Carbs.
Seems simple enough, this method of dieting is actually my preferred method as I believe there is a lot more longevity in it when you’re able to pick and choose the foods you enjoy, you can fit weekly or daily treats in to ease the repetitiveness of dieting and as well it’s allows for a lot more food rotation which can lead to a larger pool of micro-nutrition.
Where flexible dieting can go wrong is when people go too big on their treat food, they spend too much of their daily calories on one treat and are left with no choice but to eat the blandest of meals in order to stay under their numbers. This makes it a lot harder to stay compliant, sure there’s a decent treat in there but when you’re re-heating boiled chicken and broccoli for the third time that day for the 5th day in a row I can guarantee you’re headed to a good old binging session.
When you’ve got a higher calorie allowance you can allow for higher calorie treats in there. But if you’re going through a fat loss phase and calories are becoming scarce, prioritise foods with higher satiety and volume. While keeping treat foods to a maximum of 10-15% of your daily intake. So if you’re down to 1500 calories either suck it up or keep that treat to under 150cals.

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