Lack Of Knowledge vs Lack Of Action

Guys I heard someone recently say if you’ve got a problem it generally means you’ve got a lack of relevant information. What you need is to find more information so you can figure out how to solve your problem. When it comes to fitness though very often the problem isn’t a lack of information or knowledge, its a lack of TAKING ACTION on the knowledge which you ALREADY HAVE.
Losing fat and building muscle really AREN’T that complicated. Most already know to lose fat they need to eat less calories than they’re eating at the moment and move more. To build muscle you need to hit some basic nutritional foundations and then just fight to get stronger each week. People know this, yet they don’t act on it. They search around for some secret diet trick or training protocol thinking if they just find that little tidbit of knowledge which they’re missing then things will start working.
You probably DON’T need some obscure piece of knowledge to create a plan that will work for you. You probably just need to actually start acting on the knowledge which you already have.

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