Muscle Soreness To More Muscle Growth?

🔥Does muscle soreness after a workout lead to more muscle growth?🔥 .
Some people gauge how good their workout was on how sore they are the day or two after their workout.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is frequently seen in beginner trainers, people who changed exercises or programs and eccentric training.

The term DOMS refers to the fact that the soreness doesn’t hit you until 24-36 hours after your training session.

So does it lead to greater gains?? Yes, DOMS is an indicator of muscle damage and this is why most people associate it with muscle growth and results.
But it doesn’t mean that if you don’t feel DOMS you are not growing muscle. In fact there’s actually an inverse relationship between DOMS and muscle growth.

DOMS are usually the worst at the beginning of a training phase as there is new stimulus being put on the muscle. This is actually the time where the least gains are made. Most gains are made in the back end of a training phase where you are pushing progress beyond what you have previously been capable of.. (DOMS are rarely felt toward the end of a training phase) 🤔

Everybody has muscle groups that they rarely get DOMS in. Usually shoulders and calves as they are more frequently used in training. These muscles are still growing right? 🤔

If you train body parts less frequently you are more likely to feel DOMS but research shows more frequency of training body part leads to greater muscle growth.. 🤔

Using DOMS as an indicator of muscle growth is not a good idea. You should gauge your results off your progress in the gym and aim to not be sore as soreness will only stop you from performing at your best each session.

I can make anyone of my clients sore with very light weight. This doesn’t mean the workout was effective nor does it mean they have grown muscle.

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