Reduce or Eliminate Carbs To Lose Fat

In order to lose fat do we need to reduce or eliminate carbs?.
No. In fact, you can eat a huge amount of carbs and you will still lose fat just as consistently IF YOUR TOTAL CALORIE INTAKE IS RIGHT. The only thing that cutting out carbs generally does is increase the chances of you having a complete binge after a few days because all fun things in life have carbs 😂.
Fact is, just because you’re eating low carb DOES NOT mean you’re eating low calorie - and eating the right calories is the ONLY thing that matters. People who reduce carbs as a dieting strategy simply replace those high carb foods with high fat foods - fat is much more dense in calories (9 calories per gram vs 4 calories per gram) and it’s SUPER EASY to over-eat on these high fat foods which just puts you in the same position that you started in: EATING TOO MANY CALORIES.
There’s also considerations when it comes to training quality and muscle growth: training quality / intensity GREATLY improves when someone is fed a lot of carbs and muscle growth is only optimal when there is carbs present in the diet (despite what Keto people will claim over and over). If both these factors are optimal then the end result physique WILL look better and be easier to achieve.
Most clients who come on board with us are pleased when we actually start feeding them more carbs than they’re used to and yet they still lose fat 😱 Focus on calories, not on carbs - that’s half the secret of fat loss and muscle gain right there 😂.

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