The Fat Loss Sweet Spot

How much weight should I be losing per week. I get asked this question a lot. .
For a lot of people the rate at which you lose body fat will be different. It really depends on where you’re starting from and how much body fat you have.

Finding your weight loss sweet spot means you lose the most amount of weight but maintain the most amount of muscle.
As a general rule I go by these guidelines:
. >20% body fat = 1.5% of your bodyweight per week
15-20% body fat = 1% of your bodyweight per week
8-15% body fat = 0.5-1% of your bodyweight per week
Shredded AF (<8% body fat) = <0.5% of your bodyweight per week *Women add 10% to these guidelines.
As you can see the higher your body fat level the more weight you can safely lose per week without risking muscle loss

Hope this helps guys ✌🏼

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