The More Advanced The Simpler The Plan

The more advanced an athlete the simpler the plan.
If you don’t do a giant set involving 4 cluster sets, 7 drop sets, 12.3 compound movements, and 1/2 an isolation movement is it even considered a working set? Sound familiar? I really hope not. But you get the point I’m making.
We are all guilty of it at some point whether it be walking into a gym and using every method in the book to traumatise a muscle or having a plan where we have a thousand movements and at every turn there’s a superset, drop set, cluster set etc.
Don’t get me wrong individually these tools all have a time, place and are very useful. But there is beauty in simplicity. Building your plan around big compound lifts you’re confident in, having a simple rep/set scheme that you can focus on progressive overload with will yield far better results week to week and over all.
Practise the basics beautifully and focus on a plan where you can achieve progressive overload. Rather then some whacked out plan that makes it near impossible to improve week to week.

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