The Power Of Placebo

One thing I’m asked a lot (and I’m sure a lot of other coaches are to) is “is it okay to have...” or some variation of that. I first assess whether what they are asking is detrimental to the overall goal or to what effect it will have on it. Provided it isn’t then past that my answer is almost always “do you perform better”.
Most common ones are, “can I have pre-workout”, “should I use a fat burner” or “is it okay to have bcaas”, for the most part all I care about is, does it make you perform better.
Things like bcaas, pre workouts, fat burners aren’t really something I’d recommend (and by that I mean I will never tell you to go buy them ever). But if you tell me you get jacked up and train like an animal as a result of having them then oath get them into you after you’ve ticked all the other boxes of diet, training and supplementation. (And no that is not me saying to everyone go out and buy them).
This goes beyond your well marketed supps though if there’s anything that you get a placebo effect from maybe it’s a certain gym, or training with certain people, at a time of day, or a type of music, even a particular outfit you where to the gym that you feel like a god in, well play to your strengths if the end result isn’t detrimental to the goal and leaves you performing better I say go for it ✌🏽.

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