When You Train You Need To Actually Train

Your issue isn’t going to the gym the issue is you train like a wimp.
If you’ve done everything correctly you (or your coach) has calculated your calories based on your goals and TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) which is gonna be made up of you, your NEAT levels and your training. (In a very very brief summary)
If you’re going to the gym and just ticking the boxes, hitting sets reps maybe resting a little longer and walking out with more photos then sweat beads you’re not going to see the results you want.
When you train you need to actually train, that means you’re going to have to get uncomfortable with the loads you are using (in a safe manor always). Pick movements you are confident in, can challenge yourself with over movements that are foreign and you are likely to hold back on. You are better off repeating basic movements you are confident in and overloading them, then mucking around with technique for half an hour before you’ve done a single working set of a movement you’ve never done before.
Start to look at how hard you’re really training and how you’re feeling when you leave the gym, it could be your issue. If your knowledge on lifting is limited or you lack confidence in it, like with any skill in life hire a professional to teach you how to do it and how do it under heavy loads. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time in the gym going through the motions ✌🏽.

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