Ok so you’re dieting hard, calories are low, cardio and training is on point. You have #beastmode switched on. Body fat is melting off for a while and then all of a sudden you hit a plateau. The scales stop moving in the right direction 😞.
This is the point where most people reduce calories more and increase cardio to keep seeing the scales drop. Your body has adapted right? Wrong.
Most of the time the cause for this is stress induced water retention masking your results on the scales. Just because the scales don’t move for a while doesn’t mean you’re not dropping fat and isn’t cause for further calorie cuts and increased output. In some cases this can make the issue worse!.
Often the solution is knowing when to take a break. Reducing stress will often cause the scales to start showing all the great results you’ve been getting while you’ve been pushing your body hard.
Best ways to drop stress induced water retention:
Take a day/s off training
Take a day/s off cardio
Diet Break
Improve sleep / get more sleep
Get a massage / meditate
All of the above
Implement these stress reduction tools into your plan and you’ll see your results moving in the right direction again. No need to drop calories and push your body harder in most cases.

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