Competitors! This Is How You Set Up Your Program

Competitors your training program should be based off your goals (which division you’re competing in) and your personal strengths and weakness’s! Your program should aim to improve your shape and symmetry for the stage.
You should be constantly assessing your physique and gear your training programs toward improving weak areas and bringing balance and symmetry to your physique.
You don't have to train everybody part twice a week with X volume, that is a cookie cutter approach that will give you generic results. It will also throw your body even more out of balance and symmetry because you’re making your strengths stronger in relation to your weakness’s.
If someone has well developed shoulders and an underdeveloped back you don’t train both body parts the same because they will just both improve at the same rate still making the back look underdeveloped in comparison to the shoulders 🤦🏼‍♂️. You should reduce the volume and frequency on shoulders and increase the volume and frequency on back until you bring balance to the your physique.
Same goes for programming for specific divisions;
Would you have a leg focused program for a Mens Physique competitor? No you’d have leg training at around minimum effective volume and focus on upper body training more. Same goes for a bikini competitor. You wouldn’t have a 30 set chest and arm workout in their program 😂.
Your program should be working toward perfecting the symmetry and be aligned with the criteria of the category you compete in.

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