Do Mass Gainers Work?

If you’re a hardgainer that struggles to gain weight and muscle. Nutrition and calories are usually the limiting factor. Most hardgainers really struggle with appetite and getting enough calories in to create a calorie surplus.
Getting enough food in to gain weight can be really tough for a hardgainer so you need to be strategic with what you eat and drink to get the most amount of calories in per day without ruining your appetite. So get rid of the chicken breast and potato’s.
Hardgainers need to eat foods that pack tons of calories in a relatively small serve. This is where fats become important as they have twice as many calories per gram than carbs and are very easy to eat. Just one tablespoon of butter, peanut butter, coconut oil, olive oil etc has over 100 calories!.
When I work with hardgainers I like to implement shakes packed with protein, carbs and fats as an easy way to get calories in without ruining their appetite. If you don't have time to whip up your own mass gainer shake with whey, eggs, fruit, oats, peanut butter, coconut oil etc (which I would recommend) then you can opt to buy a weight gainer at a supplement shop just make sure you buy a good quality one that isn’t just sugar and whey. Make sure you check the ingredients and buy the best one possible with plenty of calories and good ingredients.
Having 2-3 mass gainer shakes per day in-between your meals will significantly increase your daily calorie consumption and really create some good weight and muscle growth.
If you’re skinny and struggling to put on muscle try this and watch the difference.. 🙂.

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