Get In Shape While Having A Few Bevs

How To Get In Shape While Having A Few Bevs 🍻.
So if you’re someone who’s in this game for balance in life. You want to look good, feel good in your body, enjoy health and fitness, but you also want to enjoy a cheeky bev without it sending your results spiralling.
Well the same way you diet and track your food to get a result just needs to be applied to alcohol. Now for the purpose of this post I’m aiming this towards those who are on a fat loss journey and are more prone to the glass or two with dinner each night. The same principle can be applied to any goal though and any amount, the key take away point is track it and stick to it.
So if you’re the average person who’s maintenance sits around let’s say 2000 calories, you’re on your way with a fat loss phase and reduced your calories to 1500 to create a deficit. You’re the type who likes a drink with dinner (or maybe you’re out to dinner one night) all you need to do is track those drinks (go figure 😱).
1 Average Glass of Red = 125cals.
1 Average Glass of White = 120cals.
1 Average Beer = 170cals.
1 Average Cider = 170cals.
If we go back to our 1500 calorie deficit we need to minus how many drinks we want to have from that number, so if we are going to have one glass of red with dinner our daily calories are now reduced to 1375cals. When tracking the macros you are to take from fats and carbs ONLY, never from your protein. If having multiple drinks obviously keep taking away from your daily total.
Now as you do this you may start to realise that the rest of your day is going to have to be pretty light on in order to fit the drinks in, so you’ll have to ask yourself is it worth having a miserable day of dieting getting a bit hungry all for a drink at night or are you better off sticking to volume foods and keeping satiety high 🤷🏽‍♂️?.
Now my disclaimer is firstly I would save this for a “as needed basis” rather then a everyday routine and secondly if you can’t stick to what you’re tracking abandon ship all together, if you track two glasses and it’s likely to end up being two bottles 🙅🏽‍♂️.

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