Insulin Resistance Or A Hormonal Issue Cause Fat Gain

Could an insulin resistance issue or a hormonal issue cause fat gain or make dieting harder?
Well, there's alot of coaches out there who believe so, and this causes alot of people to believe these problems may be the reason that fat loss is difficult for them.
So, are these things as big a deal as people believe? Probably not in the way that you think.
These are two examples of real issues that people can have BUT you have to understand that in 90% of cases these are problems being caused by the fact someone is carrying too much fat - they aren’t the REASON for the extra fat. Let me say it again - the fact that someone carries too much fat is the REASON they have made themselves insulin resistant or hormonally non-optimal, simply losing the fat following the same rules as anyone else (eat less calories than you output) will FIX THESE ISSUES for most people.
What you should usually NOT do is attempt to fix the deeper health issues BEFORE you fix the fat issue, because you’ll spend a lot of time and energy trying to fix an issue which simply won’t be fixed until you get some of that fat off your body.

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