A Refeed Day Can Help You

What Is A Refeed Day and How To Properly Incorporate It Into Your Diet.
Firstly a refeed day/s are a singular increase in calories for that day/s (0-3 days typically) a good tool to use for a psychological break from the repetitiveness of dieting or to use if you have a particular social event you might need more calories for and don’t want to set yourself backwards with.
Note: if you are doing weekly or even fortnightly “refeed” day/s, depending how they’re structured you’re flirting with carb / calorie cycling or if you are doing them for consecutively for 3+ days you are bordering on a diet break, both of which I will cover in seperate posts. A refeed is 0-3 days of higher calories as a psychological break from dieting.
Now down to the details. The way to structure a refeed day into your existing diet. Firstly you need to to take your daily maintenance calories and create a deficit. For arguments sake let’s say you maintain on 2500cals and we create a 20% deficit bringing your daily calories to 2000. Depending how high you want your high day/s you minus the amount you want to add to them from the other 6, 5 or 4 days of the week. So for example you could minus 100cals from 6 days of the week totalling 600cals and add that to your 7th day making a refeed day of 2600cals and daily cals of 1900 for that week.

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