Squats And Deadlifts For BUILDING MUSCLE

Deadlifts and squats are often touted as the king of all exercises but are they really needed for the goal of fat loss and building muscle? No they’re not. In fact there are no mandatory exercises for improving body composition.
There are however movement patterns that you definitely want to include in your program. These include:
Horizontal and Vertical Press.
Horizontal and Vertical Pull.
Hip Hinge.
Single Leg Movement.
Squat Movement.
Meaning for example you don’t have to have a back squat or deadlift in your program. There is nothing special about these movements. You could use a Front Squat, Hack Squat or Safely Bar Squat. And instead of a deadlift from the floor you can use use a Romanian Deadlift, Good morning etc.
Different movements will suit different people. Everyone has different limb and torso lengths so choose which ever exercises work best for you.

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