The Importance of Treatment

The Importance of Treatment & Looking After Yourself!.
We all know we need fo stretch, foam roll, recover, train with good form, all of it...but how many of you actually do it? When was the last time you saw someone for some remedial treatment? Cupping? Just a general bit of massage?!?!.
Firstly you are greatly limiting yourself in the gym, if your body isn’t functioning optimally you are limiting your ability to train, to take movements through their full ROM and achieve full contractions.
Secondly having that little niggle in your shoulder, lower back or wherever it is greatly effects your overall performance. Yes you can train around an injury and be smart about it but this is a temporary measure. Reality is you are not able to train full beast mode if you’re aching and groaning from getting off the bench, this then dips into the intensity of your workout reducing that.
Thirdly the biggest thing i hear is “I don’t have the time or i don’t have the money to go get treatment” that’s fine do it yourself, $10 at Kmart and you’ve got a decent foam roller. You can find 15minutes a day on to keep yourself healthy and do a bit of self treatment. If you know (like myself) you’re not going to prioritise treatment, then go see a professional regularly and get some good quality treatment in.
When warming up i like dynamic movements / stretches to get warm before lifting you can spend 5mins doing this and then use A1 movement pattern to warm up before beginning working sets.
Make the time and effort to keep your body functioning optimally so you can keep training intensity high, pain free and increase injury prevention. Or keep going like a hero and ill be here to say I told you so when you’ve gotta take weeks off the gym 🙋🏽‍♂️.

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