How Much Of Calorie Deficit For Fat Loss

Fk yeah, Calorie fkn deficit am I right!?... wait but how much?

So for all those playing along at home I’m sure you’ve heard it by now, be in a calorie deficit to drop fat. If you’ve got that drilled into your head congrats you’ve simplified fat loss for yourself and got step one under your belt.

Next step setting your calorie deficit. This will change for person to person but here is my rough guide I like to use for my clients when starting out.
➡️5-10% Deficit For Body Recomposition.
➡️10-25% Deficit For Moderate to Aggressive Fat Loss. Clients with a bit of fat to lose but have previously been lean or are above 15-20% BF.
➡️30% Deficit for Aggressive Fat Loss for Clients with large amount of Body Fat to lose.
➡️5-10% Surplus for people below 15% body fat looking to increase lean muscle mass** **I will always get someone lean before putting them into a surplus, when the goal of the surplus is to put on lean muscle.

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