Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

Why I Intermittent Fast For Fat Loss

I have and for quite some time followed time restrictive fasting for fat loss and seen consistent results from it. So basically on a daily basis I will consume all my calories between 12:00/1:00pm & 8:00/9:00pm and then not eat or drink calories until the following day.

Why does this enhance my fat loss? It doesn’t (lol) but it does keep my compliant. I know for myself that I much prefer my calories and am prone to over eating towards the end of the day so rather then spreading my fat loss calories across a entire day with smaller meals I prefer to stack those calories into larger meals at lunch and dinner. I know for myself that I’m not all that hungry in the morning and a black coffee or two is more then enough to get my by until midday.

My point is that none of these diets deliver superior fat loss results over the other but what will is the one that fits your lifestyle, caters to your weak points where you’re likely to stray and you can stick to. 
Moderate Calorie Deficit + Compliance = Success.

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