Saw an ad on a bus yesterday for some “keto” product that promised to turn your body into a fat burning machine. What’s worse is the product just has green tea extract and some other shit in it that has nothing to do with ketosis.
THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORTHWHILE ABOUT KETO DIETS IF THE GOAL IS FAT LOSS. It anecdotally often has benefits for people who suffer from some autoimmune issues, but simply eliminating problem foods which are causing an inflammatory response while still allowing carbs in the diet would fix these issues too. People also say they have better energy - well yeah, their energy was all over the place cos their diet was made up of shit. If they just added some fats to their shitty diet they’d solve these energy issues without having to cut out carbs.
I guarantee 80% of the people who think they are ‘keto’ or coaches who claim to put everyone on keto don’t even know wtf ketones are. Simplest way to think of it: Ketones are produced by your body in the absence of carbs so your brain - which is used to running on carbs - has something to function on. All ketones do is allow you to eat no carbs without feeling like total shit. How is that useful in any way for you? You don’t enjoy carbs? You feel like you’re forcing carbs down and life would be better without them?
If the goal is fat loss KETO DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. Fat loss is still just going to come down to calorie balance, which is what it’ll come down to if you eat carbs too. It’s a pain in the ass to actually stay in ketosis, it’s almost impossible for 90% of people to maintain it long term, and it will negatively effect your weight training and your muscle gain. If keto was a dude I’d call him out and challenge him to a 1v1 in the car park cos he ain’t shit.

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