We all know progression is the king of gainz in the gym. Increasing volume over a training cycle will produce hypertrophy.

Now to increase volume we have to do one or more of these 3 things. Do more reps than last session, lift more weight than last session, do more sets than last session. 
So which one is best? It really depends on the program you’re following but for most situations I like to do it in this order.

1. Add Reps - each exercise should have a rep range eg 8-12 reps. Get to the top of the rep range.
2. Add Weight - Once at the top of the rep range add weight. Add the smallest increments possible. 
3. Repeat steps one and two. (If you are a more advanced trainer and you are approaching a genetic ceiling of strength it may be beneficial to go to step four)
4. Add sets - do this sparingly. 1 extra QUALITY working set is a lot

In 99% of cases repeating step one and two is 👍🏼 Now time go get lift 💪🏽

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