The Biggest Factor Affecting A Slow Metabolism


We hear a lot of people complaining about their slow metabolism and how they can't lose body fat like everyone else.

Your metabolism is made up of

BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate: This is the amount of calories your body burns at rest

PA - Physical Activity: The number of calories burned through exercise (weight training and cardio)

NEAT - Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis: The number of calories you burn from non formal exercise. Think (fidgeting, walking around, stairs etc)

TED - Thermic Effect of Digestion: The number of calories used to digest food

NEAT is the biggest factor at play in this equation. When you reduce calories to put yourself into a deficit your NEAT levels start to decrease. This is a natural adaptation to being in a calorie deficit.

NEAT response to dieting varies widely between people. Some peoples NEAT levels drop a vary small amount, some people NEAT levels drop a lotn and adapt much faster.

NEAT is the biggest contributor to people having a ‘slow metabolism’. Your NEAT can vary calorie burn by up to 2000 calories per day! 
That is a massive difference and can dramatically boost your metabolic rate.

How to increase your NEAT
✅ Do between 8-12k steps per day
✅ Don’t starve yourself. The more aggressive the calorie deficit the more NEAT will unconsciously slow down
✅ Stand up more often. Set an alarm every hour you are at a desk to get up or get a standing desk. Stand up on public transport and any other place that you have the option to stand
✅ Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator 
Get on top of this and you’ll notice a huge difference in your metabolic rate.
We cover this topic more in the new episode of Live @The Lab. You can find it on our YouTube channel.

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