Guys, more and more of you are beginning to come to us for help from an anti-aging perspective. Anti-aging is much more than just rubbing face creams loaded with resveratrol or CoQ10 or whatever other compounds sound cool onto your face at night and hoping the wrinkles won’t come.
It’s about more than finding an ‘anti-aging clinic’ that gives you human growth hormone, or peptides / growth hormone secretagogues with the very simplistic view that the only reason people age is because of a steady decline in growth hormone released by the body.
What we can see from both these approaches is an overly simplistic view of the aging process. And to be honest, it just tries to sell to males and females a miracle product which will prevent the main issue that comes to their heads when they think of aging (Females = aging skin. Males = muscle loss) .
As with EVERYTHING we deal with, people are constantly misunderstanding their bodies and thinking about them as a cluster of completely seperate systems. It’s not this way. Everything in your body is interconnected. Preventing muscle loss or skin aging can be done but it must be part of a larger anti-aging intervention, and this must revolve around aging at the cellular level. .
For StrengthLab, anti-aging means: Maintaining / improving physical performance. Maintaining / improving cognition. Preventing disease states. Preventing outward signs of aging (skin aging / hair loss or gain / muscle loss).

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