Bing Eating / Cheat Meals - How They Effect Your Results

Guys! So many of you are stuck in a cycle of starving yourselves and then overfeeding to a ridiculous amount. It can be binge eating during the week, or going completely overboard on the weekends eating huge tower burgers and milkshakes with snickers and maltesers and shit sticking out the top. What is actually wrong with you guys?

We're not saying to not have cheat meals - but if the binge eating is stopping you from achieving consistent results then its a problem. If you are starving yourself you WILL get insatiable cravings and these can only be ignored for a finite amount of time. 

Solution: Eat some more. If you up your cals through the week you might find your performance in the gym improves PLUS your body stops sending you starvation signals by the end of the week which cause you to eat like you just discovered what your mouth does. It'll prob mean your cals for the week average out to less and you'll be alot happier too. 

Food is one of the best parts of life - cycling between starving and then overeating is a good way to completely ruin the experience.

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